Hello. I go by Chris on most tcgs (wacist on smallscreen). I am currently accepting trades for all tcgs, but only actively playing Overdrive-It has really pretty cards, check it out! Feel free to drop me an email if you have any inquiries and I'll answer almost instantly unless I'm asleep. :)

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Activity Log

June 22, 2014 ------------
- Yorick's Graveyard: mc-Bentley, mc-Annelise
- Locked Chest: hiddenpeople12, baton23, sochi201415, uroboros06, air, water
- Randomizer: nomario02, 7years29, relic05, swarm08, sunwell14, devas03
- Mastered mercenary: cocky09, laughingdog12, haunted30, avalon08, rockeaters13
- Jirachi's Wishes: evert15, mercenary15, cocky05, dragonsgate23, dragonsgate14, glimmerous09, cocky06, magicstones07, outland05, devilgolem21, sachiko01, love
- New Decks: mercenary12, mercenary13, mercenary14, dragonsgate06, dragonsgate07, dragonsgate25
- Rikku's Alchemy: airx8, firex4 for mercenary08, mercenary09, mercenary11

June 21, 2014 ------------
- Locked Chest: rosecross01, symbology08, retro27, lighthouses20, evil, fire
- Wheatley's Puzzle Hack: theeye27, shadowself26, earth
- Tik Tak Toe: twilight01, dragons06, ice
- Love Love Harvest: haunted28, straysheep23, plant
- Chun-Li's Brawl: skullheart18, score26, fire

June 02, 2014 ------------
- Doubles Trade In: projectg04, projectg23, cvirus02, fate22, goldenapple01, hiddenpeople16, humanity12, laughingdog07, relationships26, superhappytree20 for rhythmia04, candies22, dragons18, resurrection08, wasteland18, spindash25, rhyme21, rosewar01, mom20, ambidex02
- Level Up: magicstones01, spyrix03, 3days28, glimmerous06
- Puzzle Series: devilgolem27, conception21, moodlets22, crowstorm08, evil, fire
- Puzzle Series: grancenturio03, hiddenpeople16, metal
- Puzzle Series: kingdom18, virus22, fire
- Puzzle Series: projectg23, newfriends12, earth
- Puzzle Series: evert29, relic13, air
- Handsome Jack's Upcoming Deck Vote: air
- Mastered protect: mercenary07, projectg04, laughingdog21, shadowself02, witch11
- Mastered paradox: protect15, thecourier09, humanity12, fate21, transsexual11
- New Decks: paradox22, paradox29, deathclock01
- Jirachi's Wishes: projectg05, theoutsider01, dragonsgate21, protect08, flask
- New Decks: tender12, tender15, baton24, baton25
- Jirachi's Wishes: mercenary01, protect01, mercenary02, protect03, paradox08, logic25, paradox13, logic26, paradox17, dragonsgate22, mercenary03, light, evil, protect07
- Locked Chest: sacraments29, giygas08, rosecross21, fraud18, earth, water
- Twisted Fate's Pick A Card: coffee08, ruin08
- Puyo Puzzle: paletree01, ice
- Slots (Java Free): challenger13, lifestream26
- Navi's Quotes: epoch04, sunking12
- Lucca's Telepod: cookingshow14, tender13
- Larry's Relationships: seed18, coffee03
- Gambit's Blackjack: laughingdog07, uroboros18
- Crash's Consoles: origami19, vampirekiller02
- Vega's Voice Actors: brush24, battlesuit05
- Rosalina's Release Dates: baton05, objection11
- Psyduck's Memory: score20, virus11, metal
- Mega Punch: coffee01, tibbers06, dark, metal
- Lee Sin's Vision: relationships10, crystalarrow12
- Daxter's Card Disaster: islands22, trust12
- Chocobo Racing: pro16, cvirus02, fire
- Character Select: origami04, mapleworld18, air

May 26, 2014 ------------
- Item Finder (Round 24): sunking12, air
- Rikku's Alchemy: 1 of each for problemsolver14, ressentiment12, omegasword06, machinamaw08, sunwell15

May 22, 2014 ------------
- Yorick's Graveyard: mc-Calthy, mc-Shawnna
- Locked Chest: tvworld04, islands13, ark10, corporation06, air, dark
- Mastered ashunera: paradox24, paradox27, psypher15, corrupted05, biomes03, albhed08
- New Decks: ashunera07, ashunera16, ashunera21, etro03, epoch01
- Jirachi's Wishes: 3days25, shadowself24, relic17, specialplace24, goldenapple01, paradox02, ashunera03, mercenary05, coffee11
- Wheatley's Puzzle Hack: relationships26, uroboros20, dark
- Tik Tak Toe: christmas30, subspace23, plant
- Shinra's Bestiary: score29, banshee13
- Phoenix's Publishers: mapleworld16, fengshui05
- Love Love Harvest: vampirekiller05, kunoichi01, light
- Eyes on Me: cookies09, sunking04
- Deckard Cain's Lore: ministars09, coffee08
- Chun-Li's Brawl: 7years21, bloom01, plant
- Mega Punch: justice05, summoner14, fire, metal
- Chocobo Racing: sexuality02, apprentice09, triforce06, dark, earth

May 11, 2014 ------------
- Professor Oak's Weekly Question: bhaalspawn09, sochi201415
- Rikku's Alchemy: 1 of each for ancestor10, dna04, kweh02, vestal07, sacrifice09
- Locked Chest: tartarus15, paradox01, futurelondon14, microwave19, dark, dark
- Mastered blades: ashunera14, ashunera04, cvirus20, fabric06, conception24, timetravel08
- Birthday: terra06, mapleworld12, rhythmia01, neutral07, evil, metal, water
- Rosalina's Release Dates: mapleworld26, cougar08
- Psyduck's Memory: superhappytree20, soulmate23, air
- Lee Sin's Vision: ashunera26, brewmasters07
- Hannigan's Intel: zenith04, kidnapped12
- Character Select: growing08, tartarus27, ice
- Level Up: ashunera29, truerunes27, aspirations13, foolish02
- Jirachi's Wishes: logic02, o, mercenary04, paradox03, blades07, ashunera27, dragonsgate01, e , f, logic05, mercenary06, paradox04, blades10, ashunera28, light, metal
- Mini Mastery (Title Screens #3): blades05, brewmasters10, awesome30, fate22, paradox10
- Alucard's Alphabet (Round 40): newfriends30, rivenwell20, spacecraft05, jabberwock01, mom28, earth, air, dark, plant
- Item Finder (Round 23): apprentice04, ice
- Rikku's Alchemy: 1 of each for three14, recorder02, sexuality09, jellyfish07, amnesia13

May 08, 2014 ------------
- New Decks: growing01
- Professor Oak's Weekly Question: cookingshow08, nomario23

May 06, 2014 ------------
- Chris: mc-Cathy, mc-Joyce
- Love Love Harvest: ancestor12, betrayer03, earth
- Slots (Java Free): spyrix22, prophecy23

May 04, 2014 ------------
- Doubles Trade In: ipraseru21, gears25 for lastalia18, rosewar09
- Jirachi's Wishes: water
- Puzzle Series: ipraseru21, overdive18, ambidex08, experiment04, air, fire
- Puzzle Series: haunted29, spacecraft25, air
- Puzzle Series: quests29, humanity10, air
- Puzzle Series: epoch18, deathclock13, earth
- Puzzle Series: theoutsider29, wardens14, plant
- Twisted Fate's Pick A Card: ice, water
- Puyo Puzzle: wives15, plant
- Navi's Quotes: azeroth13, halfsisters10
- Lucca's Telepod: fireflies10, legacy08
- Larry's Relationships: songbird11, etro04
- Gambit's Blackjack: reapersgame09, neomitochondrial03
- Crash's Consoles: ashunera24, sunwell07
- Handsome Jack's Upcoming Deck Vote: ice
- Locked Chest: turnabout12, report19, ranch27, thecourier22, ice, water
- Find Sonic: prophecy26, avalon25, dark
- Jirachi's Wishes: protect10, flask, evil, mapleworld01, logic27, ashunera23, blades04, protect02, paradox09, outland01, wateroflife01, spacecraft01

April 28, 2014 ------------
- Anima Mercury: paradox30
- Estus Elixir: protect13
- New Decks: zoanthrope01, challenger01, crossbill01, apprentice10
- New Decks: turnabout29, protect04, protect05
- Mastered turnabout: blades12, kitchen04, larva11, gears25, knockout07
- Rikku's Alchemy: plantx3, waterx3, metalx3 for turnabout24, turnabout25, turnabout27
- Doubles Trade In: songbird05, rakyat23 for rhythmia27, laughingdog13
- Rikku's Alchemy: 1 of each for evert26, exploration11, kirkwall24, fallingstar17, reapersgame04, resurrection24, straysheep06, lifestream17, masteremerald09, larva30

April 27, 2014 ------------
- Alucards's Alphabet: cookingshow02, terra09, lifestream25, lifestream03
- Locked Chest: mutation26, clubmaster11, fallingstar03, specialplace07, fire, metal
- Wheatley's Puzzle Hack: rakyat23, futurelondon19, dark
- Tik Tak Toe: rakyat24, fireflies01, light
- Shinra's Bestiary: timestones23, sunwell07
- Phoenix's Publishers: songbird05, crowstorm03
- Eyes on Me: logic12, dna07
- Deckard Cain's Lore: ashunera01, aurora10
- Chun-Li's Brawl: lasplagas18, bloom16, fire
- Rikku's Alchemy: earthx3, waterx6 for turnabout03, turnabout08, turnabout10
- Achievement (Singed's Insanity Potion): 7years16, brush03, fabric27, plant, dark, ice

April 26, 2014 ------------
- Yorick's Graveyard: wonderland02, mc-Evey
- Find Sonic: ideal22, pro17, love
- Donation (Deck Images): tartarus28, bloom06, zenith20, ministars02, air, fire, ice, metal, water, water, fire, water, plant, love
- Doubles Trade In: christmas13 for wasteland22

April 25, 2014 ------------
- Yorick's Graveyard: glimmerous12

April 24, 2014 ------------
- Mega Punch: savior14, bountyhunter13, ice, water
- Chocobo Racing: seed11, specimen23, dark
- Doubles Trade In: protoon05 for frozenflame21
- Rikku's Alchemy: Singed's Insanity Potion
- Rikku's Alchemy (Fail): lastalia23, air
- Rikku's Alchemy (Fail): redmarker14, plant

April 23, 2014 ------------
- Item Finder (round 22): widget08, metal

April 21, 2014 ------------
- Noggenfogger: evil
- Anima Mercury: turnabout15
- Estus Elixir: blades02
- Rikku's Alchemy: 1 of each for symbology07, lastalia21, mom19, psypher01, thecourier23, gears27, christmas13, relationships26, vault30, mayor10

April 20, 2014 ------------
- Donation (Deck Images): raccooncity20, cookingshow10, devilgolem24, ponyville30, earth x2, metal x3, water x2, plant x2, fire
- Vega's Voice Actors: projectg26, contrary11
- Rosalina's Release Dates: mapleworld08, mortality13
- Psyduck's Memory: specialplace23, vault12, water
- Lee Sin's Vision: lifestream08, etro10
- Hannigan's Intel: turnabout01, earphones06
- Daxter's Card Disaster: children10, experiment07
- Character Select: mom16, protoon05, love
- Locked Chest: brush07, children15, zenith12, paradox28, metal, water
- Jirachi's Wishes: turnabout01, flask, flask, flask, flask
- New Decks: devilforgemaster01, relic01, futurelondon01

April 18, 2014 ------------
- Stamp Card: protoon27, awesome27, toadstool03, dark, water
- Stamp Card: redmarker02, ashunera05, golemancy06, ice, fire

April 17, 2014 ------------
- Professor Oak's Weekly Question: cookies16, forbidden25

April 16, 2014 ------------
- Mastered kitchen: turnabout02, turnabout26, rivenwell07, fraud15, origami18, floralfallal06
- Mastered banshee: kitchen25, turnabout21, tvworld09, prophecy02, returners30, gullwings05
- Noggenfogger: light
- Anima Mercury: turnabout11
- Estus Elixir: banshee07
- Yorick's Graveyard: cocky01

April 14, 2014 ------------
- Who am I? Round 30: gears25, twins03
- Rikku's Alchemy (Fail): walkers11, ice

April 13, 2014 ------------
- Doubles Trade In: fireflies24, ministars29 for heartflame16, dimension09
- Doubles Trade In: psypher16, kitchen15 for laughingdog23, fireflies24
- Mastered light: turnabout09, turnabout23, origami30, ranch11, gears04, heir02
- Level Up: turnabout28, deathclock18, evert19, crescendo02
- Rikku's Alchemy: christmas27, tvworld17, virus11, brush15, azeroth06, dreams21, fate05, origami14, microwave20, rosecross13
- Mastered brewmasters: turnabout04, turnabout16, challenger06, prophecy29, cookingshow23, literary04
- Wishes: chocolate - kitchen04, light09, turnabout07, kitchen07, turnabout18, light15, brewmasters13, brewmasters15, e, flask, flask
- Locked Chest: dragons17, zodiac27, twilight21, ponyville01, dark, plant
- Twisted Fate's Pick A Card: masks18, exploration20
- Puyo Puzzle: bloodthirsty04, water
- Navi's Quotes: psypher16, crowstorm13
- Lucca's Telepod: ashunera18, volcano02
- Larry's Relationships: dinosaur01, etro05
- Gambit's Blackjack: hiddenpeople16, projectg23

April 12, 2014 ------------
- Doubles Trade In: mutation25 for ashunera20
- Doubles Trade In: lifestyle01 for mutation25
- Who am I? Round 29: goldenapple11, grima11, soulmate12, rhythpo09, dark

April 11, 2014 ------------
- Stamp Card: conception07, caves11, edenia08, flask, love
- Stamp Card: kirkwall08, fireflies12, neutral06, ice, plant
- Stamp Card: fallingstar29, quests13, vestal04, air, plant

April 10, 2014 ------------
- Doubles Trade In: uroboros26 for sacraments19

April 09, 2014 ------------
- Locked Chest: rosewar23, home04, mom24, grima04, air, fire
- Triple Triad: logic17, skullheart04, ice, water
- Love Love Harvest: adventurer10, evolution10, air
- Doubles Trade In: neoarcadia15 for children16
- Rikku's Alchemy (Fail): neoarcadia15, flask
- Achievement (Detective): love, love, light
- Rikku's Alchemy (Fail): origami24, earth
- Rikku's Alchemy (Fail): giants06, flask

April 08, 2014 ------------
- Professor Oak's Weekly Question: neocarcadia17, fate25
- Estus Elixir: banshee04

April 07, 2014 ------------
- Anima Mercury: turnabout17
- Noggenfogger: evil
- Item Finder (Round 21): sixthsense05, amusementpark04, fire, evil
- Mastered dreams: turnabout13, turnabout14, specialplace24, lifestyle01, night04, lapd15
- Mastered songbird: dreams18, turnabout19, newfriends08, projectg09, symbology16, spectrophobia12
- Achievement (Name Expert): dreams14, dreams15, flask
- Achievement (Noggenfogger): bloodwing13, plant, evil, water
- Yorick's Graveyard: newfriends20, wonderland05

April 06, 2014 ------------
- Doubles Trade In: ideal19, larva02, rhythmia04 for twins26, lifestyle01, timestones15
- Rikku's Alchemy: 1 of each for mutation02, haunted18, returners27, specimen06, zoanthrope22, thecourier18, spyrix29, tvworld03, brush21, masteremerald07
- Jirachi's Wishes: earth
- Wheatley's Puzzle Hack: fathermother08, moodlets03, evil
- Tik Tak Toe: dragons01, grima07, air
- Shinra's Bestiary: turnabout12, two11
- Phoenix's Publishers: crossbill25, protect06
- Eyes on Me: mapleworld03, guerilla15
- Deckard Cain's Lore: gravity07, crowstorm07
- Chun-Li's Brawl: groovetron22, spacecraft18, plant
- Puzzle Series: rosecrystal11, tvworld15, worldthread01, husbands12, evil, fire
- Puzzle Series: exploration21, ideal19, love
- Puzzle Series: uroboros26, dinosaur14, flask
- Puzzle Series: theeye08, humanity25, earth
- Puzzle Series: rhythmia23, ideal22, fire
- Handsome Jack's Upcoming Deck Vote: dark
- Mastered perceive: songbird28, dreams26, avalon08, ministars29, truerunes27, kunoichi15
- Mastered soldier: perceive06, ponyville15, aspirations27, giants03, husbands09
- Jirachi's Wishes: perceive04, soldier03, songbird06, dreams22, dreams13, perceive10, soldier14, songbird22, paradox19

April 05, 2014 ------------
- Who am I? Round 28: rakyat22, walkers05, aristocrats18, fullthrottle07, water
- Who am I? Round 29: logic22

April 04, 2014 ------------
- Rikku's Alchemy: 1 of each for bhaalspawn08, candies06, goldenapple01, masteremerald06, valoran21, tattoo06, humanity27, devilgolem25, mayor08, laughingdog07

April 03, 2014 ------------
- Noggenfogger: love
- Estus Elixir: perceive11
- Anima Mercury: kitchen11
- Professor Oak's Weekly Question: neoarcadia24, fireflies22

March 31, 2014 ------------
- Alucard's Alphabet (round 38): nonary17, hiddenpeople03, rhyme22, moodlets21, virus27, fire, evil
- Jirachi's Wishes: earth, air, fire, water, plant, metal, ice, light, dark, love, evil
- Rikku's Alchemy: 1 of each for amnesia01, gunblade14, rainfell15, commitment11, vestal13
- Who am I? Round 28: protoon05, straysheep09
- Mega Punch: vestal10, soulshift09, fire, plant
- Chocobo Racing: jellyfish10, bountyhunter10, air

March 30, 2014 ------------
- Yorick's Graveyard: tears14
- Locked Chest: mutation03, dinosaur11, night11, twins05, metal, plant
- Vega's Voice Actors: redmarker12, banshee13
- Rosalina's Release Dates: 3days20, brewmasters14
- Psyduck's Memory: seed26, projectg08, dark
- Hannigan's Intel: larva02, blades01
- Daxter's Card Disaster: crossbill05, lifebinder12
- Character Select: cookies25, uroboros26, plant

March 29, 2014 ------------
- Who am I? Round 29: shadowself03

March 27, 2014 ------------
- Noggenfogger: evil
- Rikku's Alchemy: Noggenfogger
- Doubles Trade In: twilight15 for exploration23

March 26, 2014 ------------
- Alucards Alphabet: machinamaw04, air

March 24, 2014 ------------
- Doubles Trade In: biomes03 for brush02
- Doubles Trade In: knockout08 for minion06
- Level Up: dreams06, kirkwall03, ponyville20, diamonddust09
- Rikku's Alchemy: 1 of each for light04, lifebinder08, edenia13, knockout08, chefsknife01
- Stamp Card: valoran12, ambidex20, contrary04, fire, metal
- Stamp Card: gravity25, ideal25, aurora10, air, flask

March 23, 2014 ------------
- Alucard's Alphabet: theeye29, evert15, truerunes26, fireflies24, earth, ice
- Professor Oak's Weekly Question: tvworld20, worldthread16
- Mastered grancenturio: dreams07, dreams09, aristocrats04, subspace07, prophecy27, soldier06
- Anima Mercury: grancenturio27
- Mastered crystalsleep: grancenturio07, grancenturio13, tartarus14, rhythmia04, virus30, experiment04
- Estus Elixir: crystalsleep02
- Jirachi's Wishes: crowstorm02, three09
- Locked Chest: thecourier12, giygas02, specialplace04, songbird11, fire, light
- Twisted Fate's Pick A Card: christmas13, ideal12
- Puyo Puzzle: reforest12, evil
- Navi's Quotes: kitchen15, omegasword10
- Lucca's Telepod: ropemaiden30, fengshui01
- Larry's Relationships: twilight15, soldier06
- Gambit's Blackjack: neoarcadia09, sacraments11
- Crash's Consoles: grancenturio04, earphones02

March 22, 2014 ------------
- Mastered grima: grancenturio16, grancenturio21, dreams02, songbird05, aristocrats20, runaway13
- Mastered betrayer: grima15, grima16, origami17, haunted08, aspirations25, calamity05
- Yorick's Graveyard: betrayer15
- Yorick's Graveyard: aspirations29, pilgrimage29

March 21, 2014 ------------
- Professor Oak's Weekly Question: aspirations23, mutation29
- Who am I? Round 29: theeye22

March 19, 2014 ------------
- Estus Elixir: crystalsleep07
- Anima Mercury: grancenturio26
- Donation (Deck Images): reapersgame12, superhappytree13, fabric03, biomes03, water x3, plant, metal, dark, earth, fire, ice x2

March 18, 2014 ------------
- Rikku's Alchemy (Fail): rhythmia25, plant
- Rikku's Alchemy (Fail): pro28, earth
- Locked Chest: fallingstar12, resurrection28, brush16, worldthread02, water, water
- New Decks: bhaalspawn01, dreams05, dreams12
- Mastered outland: grima20, grima24, masquerpets18, wonderland22, night15, guilt10
- Jirachi's Wishes: symbology01, protoon01, dreams11, grancenturio28, outland04, grima17, mc-Nata, mc-Nina, mc-Mia, mc-Laluna, mc-Betty, flask
- Jirachi's Wishes: crystalsleep11, outland03, projectg27, kingdom22, knockout11, amaterasu08, flask
- New Decks: floralfallal01, gears01
- Doubles Trade In: warofheroes14, spring15 for heartflame26, masquerpets12
- Love Love Harvest: cravat02, soldier15, plant
- Wheatley's Puzzle Hack: lifestream14, rhyme26, flask
- Tik Tak Toe: dinosaur29, projectg09, ice

March 17, 2014 ------------
- Shinra's Bestiary: fabric09, perceive15
- Phoenix's Publishers: ark01, perceive07
- Eyes on Me: mutation19, soldier07
- Deckard Cain's Lore: tvworld19, ghostwolf11
- Chun-Li's Brawl: warofheroes14, kingdom01, evil

March 16, 2014 ------------
- Who am I? Round 29: nonary15

March 15, 2014 ------------
- Rikku's Alchemy: darkx6, firex3 for outland26, outland28, outland30
- Deck Name Suggestions: tailwind08, flask

March 14, 2014 ------------
- Professor Oak's Weekly Question: thecourier15, specialplace30

March 12, 2014 ------------
- Stamp Card: motivation25, sacraments25, jellyfish09, dark, fire
- Stamp Card: caves05, quests13, calamity15, light, dark
- Stamp Card: superhappytree03, gravity20, vampirekiller06, dark, fire

March 11, 2014 ------------
- Mini Mastery (Title Screens #2): crystalsleep01, savior10, fate12, twilight15, lasplagas05

March 10, 2014 ------------
- Estus Elixir: crystalsleep04
- Anima Mercury: outland08
- Jirachi's Wishes: grancenturio19, outland20, dreams02, betrayer08, score01, pro01, crystalsleep06
- Mastered foolish: outland14, outland15, mom15, soulmate25, returners20, husbands10
- Achievement (Serious Gamer): outland27, frozenflame17, specimen02, reapersgame14
- Item Finder (Round 20) : sanity11, metal

March 09, 2014 ------------
- Locked Chest: dreams08, superhappytree20, azeroth21, soulmate05, ice, metal
- Doubles Trade In: specimen25, spyrix24, worldthread13 for night20, masteremerald18, larva02
- Deck Name Suggestions: banshee12, earth
- Yorick's Graveyard: mc-Rinoa, mc-nyte
- Yorick's Graveyard: betrayer14
- Triple Triad: specialplace10, goldenapple05, plant, flask
- Chocobo Racing: wonderland28, fire
- Mega Punch: problemsolver15, witch01, air, fire
- Rikku's Alchemy (Random Game Pack): One of each reagent for lifestream28, ponyville06, corrupted18, forbidden15, kirkwall05, rhyme25, holygrail26, twilight22, rhythmia10, children01
- Rikku's Alchemy (Fail): uroboros07, evil
- Rikku's Alchemy (Fail): 7years28, light
- Rikku's Alchemy (Fail): conception10, metal
- Level Up: outland13, worldthread13, cvirus06, amaterasu04
- Vega's Voice Actors: retro23, strong11
- Rosalina's Release Dates: spacecraft20, evolution13
- Psyduck's Memory: titan17, tvworld14, flask
- Lee Sin's Vision: specimen05, floralfallal03
- Hannigan's Intel: lifestyle20, ghostwolf12
- Daxter's Card Disaster: evert11, tears05
- Character Select: timestones23, ipraseru13, ice
- Puzzle Series: fabric14, masquerpets04, dimension07, ressentiment14, fire, flask
- Puzzle Series: ranch21, score05, light
- Puzzle Series: zenith13, wateroflife05, plant
- Puzzle Series: thecourier08, ranch09, water
- Puzzle Series: wonderland08, rosewar26, dark
- Handsome Jack's Upcoming Deck Vote: plant
- Locked Chest: gravity17, fathermother14, dragons18, spring15, love, metal

March 08, 2014 ------------
- Item Finder (Round 19): awesome09, dark
- Mastered warofheroes: outland09, outland10, ambidex28, logic07, aristocrats02, thighs14
- Mastered buckshot: outland21, outland22, relationships01, 7years29, clubmaster17, fullthrottle01
- Rikku's Alchemy (Choice Character Cards): Icex8, Metalx4 for buckshot06, buckshot08, buckshot11
- Rikku's Alchemy (Choice Game Cards): Airx3 for warofheroes26
- Rikku's Alchemy (Random Character Pack): One of each reagent for machinamaw05, perceive09, foolish04, rookie14, limited10
- Rikku's Alchemy (Random Game Pack): One of each reagent for spyrix24, heartflame06, awesome20, dinosaur19, home16, rhythmia19, conception17, specimen25, heartflame23, relationships18

March 07, 2014 ------------
- Deck Suggestions: banshee10, dark

March 03, 2014 ------------
- Alucard's Alphabet: vault05, cookies15, superhappytree10, rakyat23
- Yorick's Graveyard: crescendo05

March 02, 2014 ------------
- Anima Mercury: outland07
- Estus Elixir: foolish07
- Lucca's Telepod: rosewar19, widget04
- Error Report: zodiac08
- Twisted Fate's Pick A Card: evil, love
- Puyo Puzzle: calamity10, light
- Slots (Java Free): azeroth14, ministars29
- Navi's Quotes: superhappytree09, light06
- Larry's Relationships: lifestyle07, rhythpo15
- Gambit's Blackjack: timestones06, twilight01
- Crash's Consoles: spacecraft12, timetravel15

March 01, 2014 ------------
- Who am I? Round 27: projectg04, kitchen12, overdive01, maiko05, metal
- Mastered subspace: warofheroes02, outland02, warofheroes14, psypher16, theeye05, cravat09
- Doubles Trade In: pinkhair03 for warofheroes29
- Achievement (Obsessed): warofheroes09, warofheroes10, warofheroes21, buckshot01, buckshot09, buckshot10
- Jirachi's Wishes: flask, flask, subspace26, buckshot12
- New Decks: blades03, blades08, blades13, sanity01

February 27, 2014 ------------
- Who am I? Round 27: straysheep02
- Locked Chest: pinkhair03, ideal19, fabric20, spring19, earth, plant

February 24, 2014 ------------
- Who am I? Round 27: quests18

February 23, 2014 ------------
- Professor Oak's Weekly Question: worldthread13, ahriman19
- Stamp Card: spyrix26, ponyville03, necktie09, earth, plant
- Stamp Card: cvirus10, cvirus02, golemancy10, earth, water
- Stamp Card: rosewar25, forbidden18, vampirekiller03, plant, fire

February 22, 2014 ------------
- Doubles Trade In: dragons10, spyrix05 for overdive30, evert29
- Mastered frostmourne: warofheroes18, warofheroes19, spyrix05, wasteland23, sacraments20, bachelor09
- Mastered fallingstar: subspace13, subspace17, spring15, spacecraft24, zodiac26, diamonddust06
- Anima Mercury: fallingstar26
- Estus Elixir: frostmourne04
- Rikku's Alchemy: earthx8, metalx9 for frostmourne05, frostmourne13, fallingstar03, fallingstar05, fallingstar23
- Deck Suggestions: adventurer07, air
- Wheatley's Puzzle Hack: nonary11, warofheroes22, evil
- Tik Tak Toe: relationships09, timestones07, dark
- Shinra's Bestiary: biomes03, crystalsleep12
- Phoenix's Publishers: masks04, sunwell10
- Love Love Harvest: soulshift12, variable14, earth
- Eyes on Me: tartarus03, crystalsleep05
- Deckard Cain's Lore: valoran13, brewmasters11
- Chun-Li's Brawl: prophecy10, conception09, dark
- Chocobo Racing: compendium01, lifebinder14, beauty09, air, earth

February 20, 2014 ------------
- Rikku's Alchemy (Fail): vault04, light
- Rikku's Alchemy (Fail): songbird20, water
- Rikku's Alchemy (Fail): azeroth16, dark
- Estus Elixir: frostmourne06

February 19, 2014 ------------
- Alucard's Alphabet: holygrail10, specimen18, soulmate07, rosecrystal20, flask, fire
- Alucard's Alphabet: brush27, relationships14, etoile06, raccooncity18, light, metal
- Lee Sin's Vision: warofheroes04, brewmasters08

February 18, 2014 ------------
- Stamp Card: relationships15, ranch29, limited14, water, earth
- Stamp Card: songbird21, ahriman04, knockout08, ice, metal
- Doubles Trade In: exploration05 for neoarcadia13
- Rikku's Alchemy: 1 of each for summoner03, necktie04, eggman04, objection12, sexuality03
- Anima Mercury: fallingstar30

February 17, 2014 ------------
- Professor Oak's Weekly Question: fireflies06, exploration05

February 16, 2014 ------------
- Achievement (Major Character): buckshot05, ancestor03, tears11, hairdresser02
- Mastered uroboros: fallingstar09, fallingstar15, mayor04, reapersgame10, returners26, lockpick07
- Level Up: fallingstar21, waterdragon15, humanity17, swallow10
- Rikku's Alchemy (Fail): rivenwell05, ice
- Rikku's Alchemy (Fail): biomes20, water
- Locked Chest: resurrection15, cookingshow13, murder13, protoon25, metal, plant
- Vega's Voice Actors: sochi201409, spiritrush15
- Rosalina's Release Dates: resurrection05, perceive02
- Psyduck's Memory: neoarcadia06, worldthread25, light
- Hannigan's Intel: christmas07, cocky14
- Daxter's Card Disaster: ranch26, cocky08
- Character Select: sacraments02, neoarcadia15, metal
- New Decks: buckshot03, buckshot04, logic14
- Jirachi's Wishes: perceive14, warofheroes06, logic15, warofheroes08, outland01, buckshot15, fallingstar24, outland11, lifebinder07, buckshot14, flask, love, fallingstar19, foolish13, outland12, warofheroes07, foolish06, rosecrystal01, buckshot02, logic04, fallingstar20
- Achievement (Team Player): timestones22, theeye12, rivenwell06, superhappytree29, twilight30, ice, metal x2, fire, flask

February 14, 2014 ------------
- Mastered objection: uroboros22, uroboros29, lifestyle23, candies30, dovahkiin19, two05
- Anima Mercury: fallingstar16

February 12, 2014 ------------
- Mastered member: uroboros10, uroboros24, projectg28, larva27, raccooncity15, commitment09
- Doubles Trade In: rosecrystal03 for lifestyle09
- Stamp Card: cvirus23, night06, amnesia15, love, dark
- Stamp Card: rosecrystal03, spyrix06, jellyfish04, earth, light

February 11, 2014 ------------
- Donation (Deck Images): rhyme05, pilgrimage18, twins13, dragons10, light, metal, dark, metal, fire, air, air, ice, air, ice
- Donation (Deck Images): brush22, superhappytree28, laughingdog14, caves17, air, love, ice, evil, earth, light, metal, plant, ice, fire
- Donation (Deck Images): 3days15, fate22, terra02, ambidex10, metal, ice, metal, fire, ice, earth, air, earth, earth, love
- Item Finder (Round 18): haunted03, earth
- Mastered murder: fallingstar06, fallingstar07, hiddenpeople20, rhyme25, returners07, guerilla05
- Mastered starcall: murder27, murder03, sacraments16, lifestream29, fireflies01, variable12
- Estus Elixir: starcall11
- Rikku's Alchemy:icex4, earthx4 for starcall07, starcall14
- Yorick's Graveyard: mc-Vena, mc-Yingyu, mc-Millie, mc-erin

February 10, 2014 ------------
- Deck Name Suggestions: guerilla02, dark
- Mastered falseshepherd: starcall05, tattoo05, protoon24, rakyat23, cravat02

February 09, 2014 ------------
- Who am I? Round 27: kirkwall06
- New Decks: triforce04, crystalsleep09
- Professor Oak's Weekly Question: murder28, warofheroes15
- Jirachi's Wishes: flask, love, uroboros03, starcall09, fallingstar08, kitchen01
- Random Character Pack: allx1 for dragoon14, tibbers05, paletree02, adventurer07, foolish15
- Rikku's Alchemy: firex4, waterx4, darkx4 for falseshepherd01, falseshepherd02, falseshepherd07
- Locked Chest: conception27, soulmate28, brush23, spring13, ice, plant
- Twisted Fate's Pick A Card: zodiac19, mutation25
- Puyo Puzzle: crystalarrow05, earth
- Slots (Java Free): avalon07, evert09
- Navi's Quotes: azeroth02, crystalsleep13
- Lucca's Telepod: virus29, four13
- Larry's Relationships: wateroflife07, dojo05
- Gambit's Blackjack: giants07, mom20
- Crash's Consoles: ideal30, brotherhood04

February 08, 2014 ------------
- Estus Elixir: falseshepherd04
- Anima Mercury: murder23

February 06, 2014 ------------
- Stamp Card: brush01, twins13, gentleman05, water, earth
- Stamp Card: night14, jabberwock22, firestone08, water, fire
- Who am I? Round 27: gravity09
- Who am I? Round 28: grancenturio05

February 04, 2014 ------------
- Deck Suggestions: necktie11, ice
- Mastered whimsy: falseshepherd03, pinkhair03, dovahkiin05, bloom03, kweh10
- Rikku's Alchemy: allX1 for ruin15, compendium04, tibbers11, kweh07, betrayer05
- Rikku's Alchemy: icex4, darkx4, plantx4 for whimsy10, whimsy13, whimsy15

February 03, 2014 ------------
- Stamp Card: rosecrystal03, walkers12, kunoichi01, air, plant
- Doubles Trade In: zenith08 for valtiel12
- Mastered cravat: objection04, children03, returners26, projectg03, dojo09

February 02, 2014 ------------
- Stamp Card: wonderland14, rakyat09, duplicitous13, dark, air
- Professor Oak's Weekly Question: ahriman13, zenith08
- Acheivements (Casual Gamer): superhappytree22, masquerpets23, returners06
- Mastered worldthread: whimsy06, zenith06, terra21, conception08, harmonious09
- Rikku's Alchemy (Fail): rhythmia21, earth
- Love Love Harvest: soulmate21, rakyat01, metal
- Triple Triad: ahriman19, evert11, zenith10, air, water
- Level Up: fallingstar27, clubmaster21, pilgrimage28, beauty01
- Puzzle Series: grima08, ahriman05, waterdragon02, ghostwolf10, earth, fire
- Puzzle Series: fabric26, aspirations05, evil
- Puzzle Series: grancenturio20, ranch16, fire
- Puzzle Series: relationships12, pilgrimage05, earth
- Puzzle Series: spyrix05, moodlets14, metal
- Jirachi's Wishes: dark
- Handsome Jack's Upcoming Deck Vote: fire
- Find Sonic: rhythmia07, 7years11, air
- Wheatley's Puzzle Hack: neoarcadia29, etoile06, air
- Tik Tak Toe: masquerpets13, night30, dark
- Shinra's Bestiary: 3days08, spectrophobia01
- Phoenix's Publishers: avalon01, betrayer09
- Eyes on Me: tattoo12, falseshepherd13
- Deckard Cain's Lore: soulmate08, amaterasu06
- Chun-Li's Brawl: specialplace27, mutation05, air
- Locked Chest: origami16, fireflies05, dragons10, mom29, dark, water
- Jirachi's Wishes: flask, falseshepherd11, grima01, fallingstar12, warofheroes11, outland24, uroboros18, falseshepherd09, objection03
- New Decks: grancenturio01, falseshepherd05, murder20

February 01, 2014 ------------
- Who am I? Round 26: evert01
- Locked Chest: lifestyle07, spring11, resurrection10, kitchen22, fire, metal
- Stamp Card: fallingstar11, masquerpets11, timetravel12, ice, dark
- Anima Mercury: worldthread07
- Alucards Alphabet: spring01, azeroth08, valoran19, 7years28, motivation06, plant, ice

January 31, 2014 ------------
- Who am I? Round 26: grancenturio30
- Who am I? Round 27: grima12

January 30, 2014 ------------
- Who am I? Round 26: corrupted14, prophecy16, mother05, avalon24, frozenflame29
- Doubles Trade In: ponyville11 for spyrix01
- Rikku's Alchemy (Fail): hiddenpeople08, air
- Yorick's Graveyard: mc-Jenny, mc-Marge

January 29, 2014 ------------
- Stamp Card: truerunes28, worldthread14, crescendo02, air, ice

January 28, 2014 ------------
- Donation (Review): ranch09, mom01, seed24, zodiac27, dinosaur28, ponyville11, reapersgame27, clubmaster21, valoran20, lifestream21, ice, earth x2, love x2, flask, metal, water x2, dark
- Professor Oak's Weekly Question: returners21, terra07
- Stamp Card: rhythmia04, zenith08, sixthsense06, water, love

January 27, 2014 ------------
- Mastered crystalarrow: whimsy04, spyrix24, home09, mother24, brewmasters01
- Acheivements (Minor Character): trueself14, three10, machinamaw08
- Item Finder: aristocrats21, light
- Mega Punch: seductive02, tailwind12, love, plant
- Chocobo Racing: rakyat29, ambidex05, love
- Mastered tailwind: whimsy12, microwave02, redmarker27, songbird02, hero04
- Estus Elixir: tailwind03
- Stamp Card: ponyville11, tattoo28, ghostwolf07, water, dark
- Deck Suggestions - tailwind02, ice
- Rikku's Alchemy (Random Game Pack): One of each reagent for home30, resurrection28, ranch18, uroboros14, fabric13, goldenapple08, rosewar11, specialplace04, masteremerald26, tvworld22
- Rikku's Alchemy (Choice Character Cards): Earthx4, Firex4 for crystalarrow05, crystalarrow09
- Rikku's Alchemy (Random Character Pack): One of each reagent for amnesia10, adventurer08, objection01, three03, hero03

January 26, 2014 ------------
- Who am I? Round 25: raccooncity15
- Vega's Voice Actors: cvirus07, dairyfarmer01
- Rosalina's Release Dates: laughingdog04, detective12
- Psyduck's Memory: pilgrimage01, fabric22, dark
- Lee Sin's Vision: christmas28, experiment07
- Hannigan's Intel: warofheroes30, runaway07
- Daxter's Card Disaster: 3days28, chimichanga07
- Character Select: cookingshow16, masks30, fire
- Jirachi's Wishes: aspirations19, fallingstar18, fabric01, spiritrush15
- New Decks: warofheroes01, warofheroes29, fallingstar01, fallingstar29, superhappytree01

January 24, 2014 ------------
- Stamp Card:frozenflame15, forbidden28, volcano08, water, fire
- Doubles Trade In: goldenapple11 for projectg24
- Alucards Alphabet: goldenapple11, christmas07, virus14, night19, dark, plant
- Stamp Card:7years28, jabberwock01, tailwind12, dark, metal
- Stamp Card: bloom16, valtiel21, scrap08, ice, evil

January 23, 2014 ------------
- Stamp Card: dragons24, rosewar30, hairdresser03, ice, earth
- Mastered deathlotus: crystalarrow13, wardens22, tvworld08, 3days13, thighs10
- Mastered tibbers: crystalarrow14, christmas10, gravity19, ahriman30, soulshift15
- Anima Mercury: worldthread09
- Mastered microwave: whimsy08, twilight12, masks26, subspace10, thunderbolt12
- Mastered azeroth: microwave09, microwave12, motivation28, returners22, jabberwock30, limited04
- Stamp Card: score28, twins17, angelwing14, water, air
- Rikku's Alchemy (Fail): christmas14, ice
- Acheivements (First): azeroth18, whimsy03, flask
- Acheivements (Trial and Error): flask
- Acheivements (Estus Elixir): earphones15, earth, earth, metal
- Acheivements (Stamp Helper): mutation07, seed14, light, metal
- Acheivements (Cherry Picker): deathlotus08, azeroth06, flask
- Acheivements (A is for Alpha): origami13, husbands11

January 22, 2014 ------------
- Doubles Trade In: haunted06 for prophecy24
- Level Up: worldthread08, lollipops10, haunted06, runaway10
- Who am I? Round 23: virus10
- Mastered spiritrush: deathlotus03, exploration14, straysheep04, christmas08, thighs07
- Estus Elixir: spiritrush14
- Rikku's Alchemy: Estus Elixir

January 21, 2014 ------------
- Donation (Stamp Cards): exploration05, mutation22, fireflies08, zenith15, neoarcadia04, ministars14
- Rikku's Alchemy (Fail): pilgrimage22, plant
- Rikku's Alchemy (Fail): ministars11, air
- Alucard's Alphabet: timetravel01, giants04, twilight27, rosecrystal23, spring24, flask, plant
- Deck Name Suggestions: recorder02, love, rhyme04
- Who am I? Round 23: ipraseru21
- Yorick's Graveyard: mc-chanda, mc-Gabe
- Achievements (200 Squares): lasplagas15, grima07, fabric08, gravity29, valoran11, microwave21, ice, metal, water, fire, fire
- Achievements (Lucky): projectg19, ponyville14
- Achievements (Goon Squad): haunted02, masquerpets24, duplicitous14, duplicitous13, flask
- Mini Mastery (Title Screens #1): spiritrush05, duplicitous12, ipraseru04, wonderland15, 7years02

January 20, 2014 ------------
- Stamp Card: jabberwock25, worldthread02, earphones07, evil, ice
- Stamp Card: spyrix20, night29, trust11, plant, air

January 19, 2014 ------------
- Professor Oak's Weekly Question: subspace27, dinosaur22
- Locked Chest: mom29, twilight15, rhythmia10, murder01, dark, earth
- Twisted Fate's Pick A Card: evil, plant
- Puyo Puzzle: albhed10, light
- Slots (Java Free): children23, conception12
- Navi's Quotes: sacraments03, diamonddust04
- Lucca's Telepod: masquerpets30, foolish04
- Larry's Relationships: worldthread27, bachelor14
- Gambit's Blackjack: ministars19, specialplace05
- Crash's Consoles: goldenapple11, fullthrottle11
- Jirachi's Wishes: mc-Wing, mc-Arc, spiritrush04, microwave01, virus22, dinosaur01, azeroth27
- New Decks: laughingdog01, masquerpets01, laughingdog30
- Member of the Week: virus10, aristocrats16, giants08, water, flask
- Referral: motivation25, dark

January 18, 2014 ------------
- Doubles Trade In: worldthread05 for home07
- Who am I? Round 23: resurrection30
- Rikku's Alchemy (Random Character Pack): One of each reagent for amnesia14, harmonious05, banshee07, foolish10, frostmourne08
- Stamp Card: biomes28, microwave11, vampirekiller14, fire, light
- Who am I? Round 25: rosecross20, specimen25, prophecy03

January 17, 2014 ------------
- Doubles Trade In: dragons17 for pilgrimage22
- Yorick's Graveyard: microwave18, mc-Taliana
- Who am I? Round 23: moodlets25
- Who am I? Round 23: dragons17
- Who am I? Round 23: masquerpets12

January 16, 2014 ------------
- Error Report: virus04
- Mastered member: spiritrush08, mayor19, tartarus05, lifestream08, chefsknife15
- Who am I? Round 23: songbird07
- Doubles Trade In: gravity16 for walkers03
- Mastered valoran: spiritrush06, groovetron14, azeroth09, jabberwock02, golemancy02
- Rikku's Alchemy (Choice Character Cards): x4 water for tibbers08
- Rikku's Alchemy (Choice Game Cards): waterx3, metalx3, darkx3 for valoran05, valoran15, valoran17
- Rikku's Alchemy (Fail): lollipops12, water
- Rikku's Alchemy (Fail): gravity16, fire
- Achievements (Dedicated): valoran13, valoran16, spiritrush02, spiritrush03, flask
- Achievements (Anima Mercury): tvworld08, plant, fire, fire
- Achievements (NPC): teaparty14, earphones12
- Achievements (20 Squares): haunted06, fathermother15, ice, fire
- Achievements (X-Potion): rakyat12, masks26, worldthread05, metal, light, plant
- Achievements (Apprentice Alchemist): flask, earth, air, fire, water, plant, metal, ice, light, dark, love, evil
- Achievements (Noob Gamer): titan23, gravity20

January 15, 2014 ------------
- Who am I? Round 23: ministars21
- Stamp Card: giygas21, larva11, booyaka07, plant, fire
- Stamp Card: christmas14, origami27, minion01, love, light
- Who am I? Round 23: kirkwall01

January 14, 2014 ------------
- Donation (Deck Images): bloom04, wasteland11, origami16, pilgrimage12, plant, dark, love, earth, ice, water, metal x2, fire, evil

January 13, 2014 ------------
- Professor Oak's Weekly Question: awesome02, straysheep29

January 12, 2014 ------------
- Doubles Trade In: night21 for pinkhair25
- Who am I? Round 24: rosecross22
- Who am I? Round 24: 3days06
- Who am I? Round 23: corrupted04
- Who am I? Round 23: night21
- Who am I? Round 23: rhythmia14
- Love Love Harvest: projectg18, frozenflame04, fire
- Locked Chest: returners08, subspace25, mother03, fate12, air, air
- Rikku's Alchemy (Fail): dimension20, ice
- Anima Mercury: valoran22
- Rikku's Alchemy: Anima Mercury
- Wheatley's Puzzle Hack: spyrix28, aspirations14, ice
- Tik Tak Toe: conception28, rhythmia27, ice
- Shinra's Bestiary: ark09, crystalarrow07
- Phoenix's Publishers: retro03, objection09
- Eyes on Me: giants04, frostmourne08
- Deckard Cain's Lore: goldenapple11, objection13
- Chun-Li's Brawl: 7years01, holygrail21, air
- Jirachi's Wishes: flask, flask, cravat09, soldier13, microwave30, azeroth01, valoran23, uroboros17, spiritrush07, grima22, deathlotus15, exploration01, zenith25, corrupted01, brush05, tibbers11, pinkhair01, cookingshow01, projectg17, straysheep24
- 1-0-0: valoran02, microwave17, azeroth20
- New Decks: virus01, sachiko01, zodiac11

January 11, 2014 ------------
- Who am I? Round 23: goldenapple17
- Who am I? Round 24: 3days10
- Stamp Card: children12, dinosaur24, brewmasters05, metal, metal
- Who am I? Round 23: ambidex10
- Who am I? Round 24: night21
- Mastered titan: tibbers01, sacraments23, hiddenpeople15, twins02, husbands06
- Who am I? Round 23: bloom23

January 10, 2014 ------------
- Level Up: titan21, holygrail18, aristocrats10, necktie05
- Mastered crescendo: titan20, titan25, twilight01, kirkwall27, mother10, hero01
- Stamp Card: pinkhair10, worldthread10, focus15, ice, metal
- Achievements (Deck Helper): amaterasu14, light11, plant, fire
- Achievements (Friendly): titan12, crescendo15
- Yorick's Graveyard: titan10, titan16

January 08, 2014 ------------
- Locked Chest: 7years13, lifestyle27, sacraments21, corrupted30, fire, water
- Rikku's Alchemy: X-Potion

January 07, 2014 ------------
- Find Sonic: larva01, ahriman21, plant
- Item Finder: straysheep01, water
- Rikku's Alchemy (Fail): report11, ice
- Stamp Card: home17, fireflies13, scrap07, ice, metal
- Stamp Card: rosecross27, seed21, birthday12, fire, earth

January 06, 2014 ------------
- Rikku's Alchemy (Choice Character Cards): Airx4 for crescendo11

January 05, 2014 ------------
- Acheivements (Opinionated): reapersgame13, giants21, kweh14, amnesia07
- Professor Oak's Weekly Question: tartarus12, wonderland09
- Donation (Deck Images): kirkwall25, ahriman06, frozenflame20, fathermother02, light, earth, water x2, dark x2, plant x2, air x2
- Donation (Deck Images): ponyville01, redmarker28, awesome19, spyrix13, plant, metal x3, water x2, earth x4
- Rikku's Alchemy (Fail): psypher16, water
- Puzzle Series: terra05, raccooncity29, ideal04, eggman02, light, flask
- Puzzle Series: lastalia09, brush09, water
- Puzzle Series: sacraments02, dovahkiin18, water
- Puzzle Series: valtiel14, reapersgame15, flask
- Puzzle Series: rosecrystal08, psypher02, water
- Triple Triad: ministars01, seed12, air, dark
- Jirachi's Wishes: air
- Handsome Jack's Upcoming Deck Vote: love
- Vega's Voice Actors: titan05, thighs07
- Rosalina's Release Dates: awesome30, commitment03
- Psyduck's Memory: songbird22, protoon22, fire
- Mega Punch: seed14, water
- Lee Sin's Vision: giygas09, frostmourne09
- Hannigan's Intel: valoran27, commitment10
- Daxter's Card Disaster: rhyme01, cravat07
- Character Select: bloom08, humanity12, evil
- Jirachi's Wish (Rena): mc-Marie, mc-skylen
- New Decks: ahriman01, recorder03
- FIREWORKS: titan06, spiritrush09, crescendo14, microwave05, grima25, azeroth29, frostmourne15, valoran24, ark16
- Yorick's Graveyard: titan03, titan07

January 04, 2014 ------------
- Stamp Card: ipraseru17, motivation13, gullwings07, dark, metal
- Rikku's Alchemy (Fail): mom14, water
- Stamp Card: biomes14, 3days21, compendium10, metal, flask

January 01, 2014 ------------
- Professor Oak's Weekly Question: night03, dovahkiin13
- Item Finder: wasteland29, rainfell12, light

December 31, 2013 ------------
- Who am I? Round 22: soulmate14
- Professor Oak's Weekly Question: pilgrimage20, origami09

December 30, 2013 ------------
- Professor Oak's Weekly Question: exploration21, songbird17
- Rikku's Alchemy (Fail): mutation03, dark
- Jirachi's Wishes (Reno): flask, love, evil
- Jirachi's Wishes (Awe): titan01, crescendo02, microwave22, rosecrystal17, azeroth30, grima21, spiritrush11
- Deck Release (29/12): New Decks: soldier02, soldier08, perceive12, perceive13, ressentiment11
- Professor Oak's Weekly Question: seed21, evert07
- Professor Oak's Weekly Question: giants01, 3days18
- Professor Oak's Weekly Question: ranch29, bloom22
- Professor Oak's Weekly Question: wonderland08, kirkwall29
- Professor Oak's Weekly Question: brush11, projectg01
- Professor Oak's Weekly Question: thighs02, spectrophobia15
- Professor Oak's Weekly Question: rosecrystal29, minion05
- Professor Oak's Weekly Question: cookingshow07, masteremerald07
- Professor Oak's Weekly Question: ambidex19, spyrix12
- Yorick's Graveyard: titan03, titan17
- Daxter's Card Disaster: dragons17, perceive09

December 29, 2013 ------------
- Rikku's Alchemy (Fail): dimension09, love
- Rikku's Alchemy (Fail): projectg23, fire
- Triple Triad: hiddenpeople05, overdive22, valtiel05, fire, flask
- Puzzle Series: hiddenpeople28, pilgrimage17, candies11, booyaka12, air, metal
- Puzzle Series: report30, valoran25, dark
- Puzzle Series: grima19, evert28, water
- Puzzle Series: lollipops06, titan27, air
- Puzzle Series: valoran01, azeroth14, dark
- Jirachi's Wishes: ice
- Handsome Jack's Upcoming Deck Vote: plant
- Navi's Quotes: tartarus13, soldier10
- Twisted Fate's Pick A Card: light, love
- Lucca's Telepod: sacraments22, summoner03
- Puyo Puzzle: ressentiment14, flask
- Larry's Relationships: wasteland16, frostmourne03
- Slots (Java Free): awesome27, spyrix05
- Gambit's Blackjack: masteremerald01, christmas02
- Wheatley's Puzzle Hack: dimension02, bloom30, evil
- Love Love Harvest: spectrophobia03, lockpick15, water
- Tik Tak Toe: lollipops19, masteremerald30, love
- Eyes on Me: gravity16, vampirekiller07
- Shinra's Bestiary: awesome09, diamonddust11
- Deckard Cain's Lore: wonderland28, experiment14
- Phoenix's Publishers: redmarker06, whimsy09
- Chun-Li's Brawl: ponyville10, twilight11, flask
- Vega's Voice Actors: pinkhair29, chimichanga07
- Lee Sin's Vision: ipraseru30, crescendo06
- Rosalina's Release Dates: night24, amaterasu14,
- Psyduck's Memory: vault21, relationships26, air
- Mega Punch: giants06, air
- Character Select: giants07, redmarker25, evil
- Starter Pack: titan14, titan28, microwave16, moodlets13, clubmaster10, specialplace11, masteremerald27
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