Hello. I go by Chris on most tcgs (wacist on smallscreen). I am currently accepting trades for all tcgs, but only actively playing Overdrive-It has really pretty cards, check it out! Feel free to drop me an email if you have any inquiries and I'll answer almost instantly unless I'm asleep. :)

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Trade Log

June 10, 2016 ------------
- Traded Nyla: my neomitochondrial29, wonderland13 for ashunera30, grancenturio07

May 26, 2016 ------------
- Traded Ashley: my pitchblack14, giygas09 for murder04, grancenturio13, grancenturio14
- Traded Nyla: my seed12, soulmate09 for microwave29, warofheroes08

May 13, 2016 ------------
- Traded Rinoa: my valtiel29, rookie05 for ashunera02, objection13
- Traded jesheckah: my thunderbolt05, volcano11, sunking09, corporation21, dreams23, fludd11, nomario07, nomario27, sochi201407, timestones11, roleplaying17 for grancenturio26, microwave01, microwave20, murder01, falseshepherd02, frostmourne04, glimmerous02, illumination06, perceive09
- Traded Dite: my careers24, diamonddust15 for turnabout02, buckshot05
- Traded Mysti: my detective01, detective07 for crescendo08, soldier09
- Traded Samichan: my paletree08 for buckshot09
- Traded Vanja: my wardens11, reapersgame25, futurelondon09 for ashunera15, dreams29, microwave10

Trade Archive